Censilia - the song

veröffentlicht von Esmeralda
Is censorship really an answer to child abuse? I don't think so.

I thought we were through with this, as the German Constitutional Court had rejected the law about blocking unwanted items on the internet. Now, the European Commissioner for home affairs is having another go, as the Guardian and a variety of others report.

Naturally, especially the German Pirate Party is not quite happy with this effort and so I thought I'd put that into lyrics that can be sung to a well-known tune which you should be able to recognize; at the moment I won't mention it as I am looking into copyright issues to be safe. But as my lyrics are in the process of making and surley can use a bit of a brush-up in the meantime, I'll give them to you without taking a bit of responsability for what you do with it. So, here we go:


Censilia, you're breaking my heart,
you're shaking my faith in your reason,
Oh, Censilia, you don't help the kids
you help those who just want to own

Censilia, you will never learn
that techniques can be used and abused
Oh Censilia, the net is no man,
no woman, no child, it's a thing
it's a thing

A restriction won't stop abuse, won't protect
the kids from tormentors (won't protect)
You won't get into the way
of those who have always
had their own ways

Censilia, you're breaking our hearts,
this is beyond comprehension,
Oh, Censilia, we're down on our knees,
we're beggin you please, just to look,
have a look!

Comprehension, that's what you need,
see what's the action to take now,
Comprehension, to keep us our need,
see that's the wrong proceeding.

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