Make America Great Again

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I just read the transcript of Donald Trump's inaugural speech and I must say that I feel even more appalled than I expected. Let's have a look at why that is.

First of all: Mr Trump keeps talking about "America" as if the USA were all of America. Quite wrong, Mr President, quite, quite wrong. America is a continent with a whole bunch of countries and "the other America" is not limited to that pesky little brother in the north, named Canada, where some people speak some funny language other than English.

Mexico, the country you, Mr President, keep blaming for the nonexistent absence of glorious US success, is located in America. So are Belize (where the beautiful, beautiful mahogany your furniture, that might be made of, comes from), Costa Rica (where your yummy coffee comes from), El Salvador (where you get more yummy coffee, shrimps and gold, such beautiful gold), Guatemala (where even more yummy coffee and very nice rum come from), Honduras (again: yummy coffee), Nicaragua (the place you get those fine cigars and quite some cocoa from), Panama (those are the guys with that very practical Panama Canal, without which sea freight might get very, very expensive).

And of course Brazil (not only coffee but also beautiful, oh so beautiful precious and semi-precious stones that are used to make the beautiful jewelry you decorate your wives with), the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Puerto Rico, which are marvellous places for vacation, and there's all the other countries where you get natural resources to get your economy booming. And it is booming, rest assured.

America is bigger than the United States. And the countries there depend on each other. The US economy will be a lot poorer without the "stuff" and the manpower they get for very little money out of what they regard as something like their backyard. Sadly, the US never really cared about the people that contributed to their wealth. People, especially people like you, Mr President, tend to forget that they get their wealth from that part of the continent where people generally are far, far poorer than the average US American citizen. A shame, indeed, that should be talked about.

So, Mr President, your responsibility does not end with the US American middle class; it does not even start there. Your job is making America great again, quite sure. But all of America. Not only one country. It is, indeed, your responsibility to take care of Rosita, the nanny that takes care of the home and kids of some rich guy who is too mean to pay a decent salary for a decent job and therefore uses illegal labour from behind that wall you are going to build.

Your job is to help the other countries make a home for their citizens that is comfortable enough for everybody while you take care of the US citizens. Your job is to give each and every person wherever they come from exactly the same value. This is called human rights, Mr President. And this is something each and every person does have.

What you are trying to do is to build up the self-esteem of what you perceive as the majority by humiliating and diminishing others. I am from that country that your ancestors came from, that country that started not only a worldwide war, but also blamed a whole population group for the misery of the country and tried to make these people extinct. I learned. I listend to my parents and my grandmothers (didn't have a grandfather, guess why). I and most of the other Germans know, really do know how such things begin. We do know what comes out of turning groups against each other. We really do. I recommend: Don't. Simply don't do that. Do not, not ever, make yourself and your country great at the expense of others. It will fall back on you and the citizens of your country - and it is going to be bad, really bad.

So I suggest you think twice, listen and learn really, really fast so that at the end of your four years you can say that you really made America great again.

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